$2500 Open PK Tournament 5: Rules & Sign-ups

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$2500 Open PK Tournament 5: Rules & Sign-ups

Unread post by Chicks » Mon Jun 30, 2014 5:48 am

PK AoT Tournament 5 Open $2500 USD

The PK clan is proudly presenting PK AoT Tournament 5 and releasing the Sign-Ups! The tournament is open to anyone with a Voobly account. 80 applicants for the group stage will be seeded for the Group Stage on July 11, 2014.

Application Format
It's Important! Before Applying Read ALL tournament rules.
A)Voobly User Name
B)Agreement to the Tournament Rules
C)Other Information (Optional)
Enter the above information in a post to this topic, with the same format.

*In section C of the application, registrants may request specific dates for match extensions if needed. Tournament participants may not request match extensions outside of the application form after registration ends on July 11.

Current Prizes
$2500 USD

8 Age of Empires III Complete Collections
8 Age of Empires II Complete Collections
2 Rise of Nations: Extended Edition Keys

To add to the current pot, contact chicks@pkclan.net.
PK AoT Tournament 5
1. Tournament Staff
A. Chicks

1.5 Point of Contact
A. RyFang
B. 7up
C. Clown
D. Jollyman

2. Stages
A. Group Stage
The tournament will begin with the division of the 80 accepted applicants into 16 groups that will consist of 5 players apiece. Each player will play the other members of their group once in a round robin format. This means that each player will play 4 games at this stage. Players will earn 3 points for a win and 1 point for a loss. The top two seeds of each of the 8 groups will advance to the bracket stage whereby 32 players will be left standing.
B. Bracket Stage I
These 32 players will form a single elimination bracket. The first bracket stage will consist of a best-of-3 32-player round. 16 players will advance to the second bracket stage.
C. Bracket Stage II
Bracket Stage II will consist of a best-of-5 16-player round. 8 players will advance to the Quarter-Final.
D. Quarter Finals Stage
The Quarter-Finals will consist of 4 best-of-7 single elimination quarter-final matches. 4 people will advance.
E. Semi-Finals Stage
There will be 2 best-of-7 semi-final matches. The two outstanding players will advance to the final stage. The two players seeded out of this stage will proceed in a best-of-7 3rd place series.
F. Final Stage
The final stage will consist of a best-of-9 series between the 2 remaining players.

3. Game Play
A. It is compulsory for all tournament matches to be rated, recorded, and played on the "random map" setting.
C. Observers are not permitted unless authorized by the tournament staff.
D. Should a recorded game be invalid due to having 2 observers, the stream of the game will be considered a valid point of reference.
E. It is mandatory for each match to be documented with a recorded game posted with the correct format (stage, match #, players) or the relevant stream in the designated PK AoT Tournament 5 recorded game forum.
F. In the event of a dispute or a level of deliberation that is determined by the tournament staff to be excessively indecisive, players will be forced to choose random civilization. Should this proceeding go through, record will be kept on the (two) players in dispute for the following matches and throughout the event.
G. If the random map generator selects "Highland," the game may be saved only if both participants agree to do so.
H. If a player leaves a tournament match or series prematurely, that player is no longer qualified for the tournament's monetary prizes.
I. If a player is disqualified, the participant will not qualify for any of the tournament's monetary prizes.
J. All participants are responsible to read the rules and updates as the event progresses. The tournament staff reserve the right to update, edit, and add rules at any time before or during the event.

3.5. Extras
A. Show matches will be announced at any time during the tournament between selected players. A cash prize will be granted to the winner of each show match.
B. After each stage of the tournament, a public poll will be made to determine the favorite match from that stage. The players in that match will then receive a copy of Age of Empires III Complete Edition, Age of Empires II Complete Edition, and/or Rise of Nations: Extended Edition.
C. Tournament staff may request matches to be played on extended edition provided both parties agree.

4. Civilization Restrictions
A. Players are not permitted to select the specific winning god twice in a row in the following match of the same series.

5. Disconnections
A. If a disconnection occurs before two (2) minutes of any match, the match may be restarted if both players agree to do so, otherwise upon tournament staff approval.
B. After two (2) minutes of a match, the player who disconnects may resign or request a review by the tournament staff who may then award the match or authorize a restart.
C. If a player repeatedly disconnects from games, a record will be kept on these participants. The tournament staff may also warn or disqualify the player in question from the event.
D. If at any time that a game disconnects, a restarted match must be played with the same civilizations on the same map unless both players agree to change civilizations and/or map.

5.5. Match Restarts (Vetoes)
A. None

6. Streaming
A. Only the authorized streamers that have been authorized by the tournament staff as per section 6.5 are permitted to stream matches.
B. During each stage of the tournament, these authorized streamers will select matches for the purpose of streaming and post these selections in the tournament's scheduling forum.
C. The players in these selected matches are required to check if their matches have been selected to be streamed and to then schedule their matches with the authorized streamers and their opponents.
D. If a match that was selected to be streamed is completed but not streamed, the completed match will be deemed invalid. No points will be awarded unless specified by the tournament staff.
E. If a game delay issue prevents the selected match from being streamed, the event staff reserves the right to have the match rescheduled within the deadline of that stage of the tournament. The tournament staff reserves the right to extend the deadline of the match if deemed appropriate.
F. All streamed games must be presented through the Official PK Clan Twitch channel at http://www.twitch.tv/pkclan unless otherwise specified by the tournament staff.

6.5. Authorized Streamers
A. Chicks
B. Clown
C. 7upSL
D. Ryfang
E. Lorenzo
*If you would like to be an authorized streamer for this event, contact Chicks.

7. Scheduling
A. Posts made in the scheduling forum will be the only reference point for scheduling. Screen shots and messages from external means of communication such as email, Skype, Steam, or Voobly will not be valid.
B. If an authorized streamer or tournament participant is not present within 20 minutes of the agreed time for scheduling, the present streamers or players may request a "no show" claim in the relevant scheduling forum topic. The tournament staff reserves the right to review these claims and issue a warning or disqualification to the player or streamer in question.
C. If a player has not played the matches allocated to them and fails to schedule with his opponent(s) as per section 7.A, the player in question will be issued an admin loss at the end of the stage.
D. All posts made in the scheduling forum must be be written in English.

8. Disqualifications
A. If a player suspects that his opponent has an unfair advantage or has installed an external modification that allows his opponent to exploit the game through cheating, hacking, map visibility, or trainers, the player is to finish the game and submit the game for review by the tournament staff. If the tournament staff finds the accused individual to be guilty of cheating, the cheater will be disqualified from the tournament.
B. The "hunt delete" exploit is not permitted and will lead to immediate disqualification.
C. The registered account name must be the main account of its owner for proper seeding. Only the sole owner of that registered account name is permitted to use the account to complete tournament matches. The tournament staff reserves the right to issue a warning or immediately disqualify players who tamper with their usernames.
D. Should a participant be deemed uncooperative during the tournament by the event staff, the player will be issued a warning or direct disqualification.

9. Commencement Dates
A. The tournament staff will start the tournament on July 11, 2014.
B. Players will have 10 days to schedule during the group stage.
C. In all bracket stages, participants will have 7 days to schedule.

10. Monetary Prizes
At the conclusion of the tournament, the cash pot will be divided as follows:
a) 50% 1st Place
b) 20% 2nd Place
c) 8% 3rd Place
d) 4% 4th Place
e) 2% 5th-8th Place
f) 10% Show Matches
This page is for Sign-ups only; Off topic posts will be removed.

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Re: PK Tournament 5: Rules & Sign-ups

Unread post by Huggah » Mon Jun 30, 2014 6:13 am

A)Voobly User Name: [MpT_]Swedish_Chef
B)Agreement to the Tournament Rules: yes sir
C)Other Information (Optional)

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Re: PK Tournament 5: Rules & Sign-ups

Unread post by ShiNi » Mon Jun 30, 2014 7:41 am

A)Voobly User Name: MMC_ShiNi_
B)Agreement to the Tournament Rules: yes
C)Other Information (Optional)

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Re: PK Tournament 5: Rules & Sign-ups

Unread post by TheMista » Mon Jun 30, 2014 8:19 am

A)Voobly User Name: {PK} TheMistaGreco
B)Agreement to the Tournament Rules : Malista
C)Other Information (Optional)

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Re: PK Tournament 5: Rules & Sign-ups

Unread post by WizSkillz » Mon Jun 30, 2014 8:32 am

A)Voobly User Name: [PK]WizSkillz
B)Agreement to the Tournament Rules : ye
C)Other Information - nah

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Re: PK Tournament 5: Rules & Sign-ups

Unread post by TheCount » Mon Jun 30, 2014 8:50 am

A) Voobly User Name: [MpT_]Count_von_Count
B) Agreement to the Tournament Rules: Agreed

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Re: PK Tournament 5: Rules & Sign-ups

Unread post by Freak_X » Mon Jun 30, 2014 9:43 am

A)Voobly User Name:[bo0t]Fr34k_x
B)Agreement to the Tournament Rules :accepted
C)Other Information (Optional): I don't have any green tractor or green shirt or green cap #whatsoever. :juice:
IAm the NOoB AND ProuD Of IT....xD BuT StIll I can DesTroY YOu......!!

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Re: PK Tournament 5: Rules & Sign-ups

Unread post by Fen » Mon Jun 30, 2014 10:11 am

A)Voobly User Name: [TSM_]Fen
B)Agreement to the Tournament Rules: yes
C) Still think Bo3 more appropriate at group stage

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Re: PK Tournament 5: Rules & Sign-ups

Unread post by Giovan » Mon Jun 30, 2014 11:57 am

A) Voobly Nome de usuário: [TBL_]Giovan
B) Acordo com as Regras do torneio: 1
C) Outras Informações (Opcional)

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Re: PK Tournament 5: Rules & Sign-ups

Unread post by DoD_BLiTz_ » Mon Jun 30, 2014 12:50 pm

A)Voobly User Name: [DoD_]IAmBLiTz_
B)Agreement to the Tournament Rules: yes
C)Only one observer please. Recorded games MUST work!

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